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Steel City's Journey Has Just Begun

Steel City Tool Works was established in 2005. A temporary headquarters was set up in Murfreesboro, TN. We then transferred to Chicago, IL where the company has its permanent home. We also have satellite offices in Kitchener, ON; Vancouver, BC; and Taichung, Taiwan.

Whilst the company appears to be the newest 'kid on the block' when it comes to power tool design and manufacturing, we have actually been involved in the industry for several decades.

OEM/ODM for other, more well-known, brands has been our specialty. And we continue to do this. But with the creation of SCTW, we have essentially added OBM to this mix.

The road to having our own brand has not been altogether smooth. There have been a few potholes that we've had to negotiate, not to mention the odd band of marauding wayfarers to deal with during the tumultuous downturn during 2008 - 2009.

Nevertheless, tricky paths were negotiated, and new plans formulated mid-2012 for taking a different approach and sprucing things up a little.

David Campagna, who was on the wagon train in the early days, returned to head a renewed and reinvigorated team in January 2013. Under his guidance we are learning to be better netizens - and it's all DIY folks, no outside agencies are involved in our effort to be a more 'social' operation.

The Steel City Woodshop also came into being at the beginning of 2013. This facility contains a selection from Steel City's product line. We test the tools, build things, and will soon have a small community of both seasoned and beginning woodworkers learning to work with wood.

This new stage in Steel City Tool Works' evolution promises to be exciting and dynamic. Join us for the journey.